More Than a Manicure

  Anyone who has experienced a good hand massage during a manicure will tell you how much it helped them relax. According to a 2014 article about aromatherapy and hand massage published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing, elderly participants in the study who experienced chronic pain noted a significant decrease  in pain after receiving hand massage.

At Manicures on the Move we value valid research and use the results to improve our services.  Our mobile manicure/pedicure service to elderly clients living in long-term care facilities enables clients to be pampered, while experiencing healing touch.

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Manicures On the Move Nail Technology Program !!!!!

We are excited to announce our nail technology program! We realize that your daily life is busy, so our program is scheduled during evening hours and some Saturdays. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your future as a nail artist! Our program leads to licensure in the state of Virginia.

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Holding Hands Connects Our Hearts



I am so glad you are reading this post because today  I am sharing some amazing information.

Have you ever had someone hold your hand just when you needed it and immediately felt a sense of relief?  We all have held hands with someone we care about but did you know that when you hold someone’s hand an exchange of electrical energy produced by the heart occurs? 

  • In a research study published by the Heartmath organization there was clear evidence that demonstated when people touch or are in close contact, there is a transfer of electromagnetic energy produced by the heart.
  • The electromagnetic field generated by our heart has the ability to affect those around us.

Here are a few of my recommendations for using this information in a meaningful way.

  1. Choose a time to disconnect from your electronic devices.
  2. Hold hands for 5 minutes with someone you care about while remembering a special moment you have shared together. The key is to focus on a positive memory you both share.
  3. Notice how you feel at the end of 5 minutes
  4. Send me an email at and share your experience about using this exercise.

” I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”-Maya Angelou

Today’s information is a summary of a research published by the Heartmath organization.For more information go to the Heartmath website and search The Electricity of Touch.

More Than Pretty Toes


We understand that you  have multiple “to do” lists, and activities that require some type of committment from you. Having a pedicure may be on the bottom of your list but the time is right to press the “pause” button by scheduling time for a relaxing foot experience. Every pedicure includes gentle touch to the feet and lower legs to restore balance. You will feel relaxed and refreshed after your foot care experience.

Calorie free Chocolate: A treat for your feet

TIMG_2572Healthy Tips for Diabetic Feet

  1. Check your feet everyday for calluses, blisters, dry skin, cracks between your toes and on your heels. If you can’t lift your foot, put a mirror on the floor and hold your foot over it to look for problem areas.
  2. Use a thick moisturizer on the feet but avoid putting it between toes where the moisture can allow infection to develop.
  3. See a licensed medical provider  who specializes in diabetic foot care at least once a year and more often if prescribed.
  4. Any open cut, blister or sore on your feet needs to be seen by a licensed healthcare professional immediately.
  5. Try to hit your blood glucose targets.

Information gathered from the American Diabetes Association

Enjoy a safe, sanitary chocolate inspired pedicure using Chocolate foot cream by Footnanny, from Oprah’s 2015 Favorite things list.

Handle with Care


Keep your cuticles moisturized this holiday season.  Dry, cracked cuticles can be an entry point for nasty  little germs that can’t be seen with the naked eye.  Apply hand moisturizer after every hand washing session. When your day ends and you are going to bed, apply a cuticle balm or oil to the nail bed and surrounding skin of each finger. There are many excellent cuticle oils on the market.  Our favorite cuticle balm is our special blend, made especially for our Mani on the Move guests but if you can’t get to us then I suggest Solar Oil by CND.