Calorie free Chocolate: A treat for your feet

TIMG_2572Healthy Tips for Diabetic Feet

  1. Check your feet everyday for calluses, blisters, dry skin, cracks between your toes and on your heels. If you can’t lift your foot, put a mirror on the floor and hold your foot over it to look for problem areas.
  2. Use a thick moisturizer on the feet but avoid putting it between toes where the moisture can allow infection to develop.
  3. See a licensed medical provider  who specializes in diabetic foot care at least once a year and more often if prescribed.
  4. Any open cut, blister or sore on your feet needs to be seen by a licensed healthcare professional immediately.
  5. Try to hit your blood glucose targets.

Information gathered from the American Diabetes Association

Enjoy a safe, sanitary chocolate inspired pedicure using Chocolate foot cream by Footnanny, from Oprah’s 2015 Favorite things list.

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